CONAN THE SLAYER #7 [Advance Review]

Conan The Slayer #7 Cover

Abandoned to the deserts of Shem following the death of the rest of his mercenary company in a battle with the forces of Turan, Conan of Cimmeria was surprised when he was taken in by Mykylo – a hetman of the Kozakis. The Kozakis rarely showed mercy to outsiders but Mykylo, renowned for his wisdom, saw no reason not to aid a warrior with a grudge against the Turans to equal his own. For this reason Conan was content to act as a tutor in warfare to Taraslan – Mykylo’s son and chosen heir, who was noble of heart yet inexperienced in combat.

This ill-pleased the hetman’s younger son, Kyrylo, who had turned to a sorcerous patron to bring about his own rise to power and claim his father’s place as the leader of their tribe. Conan’s actions helped to save the Kozakis from a horde of the risen dead but he was unable to stop the hetman from being poisoned. Nor could he treat Taraslan’s wounds before the young hero fell to his brother’s blade.

At the funeral for Taraslan and Mykylo, Turan assassins struck at what remained of the tribe. In the midst of the fighting, a figure made of fire – one who resembled the fallen Taraslan – jumped from the funeral pyre and turned the tide of the battle. The Kozaki took this as a sign of favor and immediately named Conan as their new hetman.

Now, with a new army of fighting man under his command, Conan has journeyed to meet with a team of pirates from the Vilayet Sea to discuss an alliance against the hated Turans that plague them both…

Conan The Slayer #7 Page 1

Conan The Slayer #7 Page 2

Conan The Slayer #7 Page 3

Conan The Slayer #7 Page 3

Conan The Slayer #7 Page 5

Conan The Slayer #7 Page 6

Conan The Slayer is easily the best Conan comic series in recent years. Cullen Bunn has captured both the dark humor and weird horror of Robert E. Howard’s ouvere. Sergio Davila – who previously proved his talent for sword and sorcery on Red Sonja and Swords of Sorrow – remains the perfect artist to bring Bunn’s scripts to life. And colorist Michael Atiyeh does a fantastic job of establishing the perfect aura to every scene.

This issue presents an excellent opportunity for new readers to start the series. Despite being dubbed the first part of an adaptation of Howard’s The Devil In Iron, the story is all Bunn’s original work. If you enjoy a good ripping yarn, full of action and high-adventure, you’ll love Conan The Slayer #7.

Conan The Slayer #7 will be available for purchase on March 22, 2017.

Rating 5

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