INJUSTICE 2 #4 (Digital Edition) [Review]

Injustice 2 #4 Cover
INJUSTICE 2 #4/ Written by TOM TAYLOR/ Pencils by BRUNO REOUNDO/ Inks by JUAN ALBARRAN/ Colors by REX LOKUS/ Letters by WES ABBOTT/ Published by DC COMICS

[SPOILER WARNING: The following review contains SPOILERS for both the Injustice: Gods Among Us video game and the tie-in comics.]

It takes a lot to surprise Batman. It takes even more to make Bruce Wayne admit to being caught off-guard. Somehow, it happened three times in the same day.

First, an impostor Batman has killed Amanda Waller and taken control of the latest attempt to revive The Suicide Squad. This would be worrying enough if said impostor hadn’t beaten Batman in a one-on-one fight. Worse yet, Harley Quinn – newly reformed and one of Bruce most steadfast allies – is among those forcibly conscripted by this mysterious new player.

Next, Lex Luthor found a way to surprise Bruce from beyond the grave. This surprise, at least, was a pleasant one, giving Bruce control of what remains of Lex’s considerable resources. The third surprise was a welcome one as well, with Dinah Lance and the Oliver Queen of another Earth arriving when Bruce finds himself in need of friends more than ever.

The surprises are not done coming, however, and the next one will be far less pleasant than a reunion with old allies thought long dead…

Injustuce 2 Picture 1

There is much about Injustice 2 that astounds me each week. I can’t help but feel as stunned as Bruce Wayne at this issue, though the surprises contained within this series are all good ones. Chief among these is how accessible this book might be to a new reader who had not been exposed to the Injustice universe before.

Injustice 2 Picture 2

Tom Taylor’s command of the characters and his obvious love for them remains the high point of the series. Much as I am enjoying Benjamin Percy’s work on the monthly Green Arrow title, I would dearly love to see Taylor get a chance to write Dinah Lance and Oliver Queen in the main universe on a regular basis. This issue is a great character piece for both of them yet still manages to fit in plenty of the trademark Taylor humor, including a not too subtle swipe at the Marvelous competitor and the Iron Man title, which Taylor once wrote.

Injustice 2 Picture 3

The artwork proves equally excellent all-around. Bruno Redondo is a versatile artist, capable of depicting both action scenes and conversations with equal skill. The inks of Juan Albarran and the colors of Rex Lokus provide the perfect vivid finishes to the original pencils. The lettering by Rex Lokus is crisp and clear.

Even if you’re not a video game fan, Injustice 2 is an enjoyable comic from start to finish. With great characterization, fantastic artwork and a fair amount of humor, this is one book that should be on every comic lover’s pull-list.

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