GREEN ARROW #29 [Review]

Green Arrow #29 Cover

Green Arrow’s cross-country quest to bring down the criminal syndicate known as The Ninth Circle has brought him to Gotham City. Following a tip from an uncharacteristically grateful Lex Luthor, The Emerald Archer has discovered that people abducted by The Ninth Circle’s human-trafficking operations have wound up in the care of Gotham City’s elite.

This yields a golden opportunity for Oliver Queen – flaunting his freedom while being out-on-bond and out-of-state while awaiting murder charges – to hob-knob with the fat-cats. That, in turn, leads to an encounter with The Court of Owls… and The Batman.

Of course Bruce Wayne doesn’t tolerate other vigilantes in Gotham City under good circumstances. His reaction to an accused killer like Green Arrow is likely to be even more extreme.

Will the two heroes be able to put aside their differences long enough to deal with their common enemy? Or will The Court of Owls and The Ninth Circle celebrate the deaths of the biggest thorns in their respective sides, as a hunt convenes in the sewers of Gotham?

My only complaint about Green Arrow #29 is the short shrift given to the subplot with Black Canary and Red Arrow working to prove Oliver Queen’s innocence. Limited to a single page at the end of the issue, it almost seems like an afterthought. There’s a great story to be told about Black Canary’s mentoring a teenage heroine like Emiko who needs a positive female influence in her life and I hope Benjamin Percy gets to that story eventually. He’s proven himself just the writer to handle it in what brief glimpses we’ve seen.

Ah, but there I go talking about what what we could have instead of what we do have. And what we do have in Green Arrow #29 is as brave and bold a Batman/Green Arrow team-up as one could wish for. Indeed, what better scenario for Oliver Queen to show his skills than turning the tables on a secret society of rich people who have taken to hunting the homeless for sport? The story here is a major step in reestablishing the partnership between Green Arrow and Batman that, like so much, was destroyed in the wake of The New 52.

I’m running out of ways to say that Juan Ferreyra is one of the best artists in the business. Pencils? Inks? Colors? They’re all phenomenal. There are several panels and pages in this issue that I’d love to see turned into posters and I can’t think of a single negative quality to comment upon.

If you haven’t been reading Green Arrow, you’ve been missing out on one hell of a ride. If you have been reading Green Arrow, this issue is more of same mix of fine art and high action you’ve come to expect. This is a damn good comic!

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