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Kabooooom’s Favorite Comic Books, Writers, Artists, & Variants of 2017!

As we say goodbye to 2017, we share our picks for our favorite comic books, comic writers, artists, and variant covers. For our favorite movies, TV, and video games—click here!


Green Arrow

While I haven’t liked all the changes made to Green Arrow as part of the DC Rebirth initiative, the title has, over the last year, come to be precisely what I expect of a Green Arrow series. In terms of sheer personality, the Oliver Queen, Dinah Lance and Roy Harper I see in this book are the people I remember reading about when I was first exposed to the characters through the stories of Dennis O’Neil and Mike Grell. Couple Benjamin Percy’s nod to the old masters with his scripts with a rotating team of amazing artists and this is one book worth reading, even if you don’t agree with the heroes politics or the inclusion of various aspects of the Arrow TV series into the narrative.

Matt Morrison, Contributing Editor


Wonder Woman ’77 Meets The Bionic Woman

It was a team-up that was destined to happen, but which we had to wait 40 years to get. Two powerful female icons of the 1970s meet in a story that not only pays tribute to both landmark television shows, but also gives us a fresh story that feels like it easily could have been an actual crossover special. It was nostalgic without being overbearing, funny without being corny and just a load of fun. I was honestly sadden to see it end so soon.

Roy Buckingham, Film Critic



Daredevil has always been one of my top five favorite heroes and Daredevil, the comic, has such a long, well-constructed story line that it’s hard to go into a new series without high expectations. I imagine it’s hard for a writer to follow in the footsteps of Frank Miller, Brian Michael Bendis, Ed Brubaker, and Mark Waid, but Charles Soule has done a great job on this book. Daredevil has always been a dark series and Soule keeps that feeling going. Volume 3 (issues 10-14) of the current series are one of the creepiest and most psychologically messed-up stories I’ve read in a while.

Marcus Hammond, Staff Writer


aquaman rebirth favorite comic 2017


Back in early 2016, I picked Aquaman as the series I was most looking forward to that year. This was based on the assumption that Geoff Johns and his New 52 creative team, Ivan Reis and Joe Prado, were finally returning to the series and the arc they had previously teased, “Rise of the Seven Seas”. That didn’t happen and then Rebirth did happen and, well, Aquaman still turned out to be really great! Dan Abnett has proven a perfect fit for the reluctant regent, and this year he sent Arthur and Mera on some wild adventures.

While the Aquamarines were a little much, the threat of Dead Water was excellent, bringing some creepy horror elements to Aquaman. By far, though, the current arc dealing with King Rath’s takeover of Atlantis and Arthur’s transformation into a rebel leader has produced some of the freshest and most exciting Aquaman stories in years. (Game of Thrones, do take note, it’s possible to have action scenes and keep the political intrigue. No need to jettison one for the other.) Not too mention, Abnett really understands how fabulous and fearsome Mera is and I cannot wait for her solo mini-series coming in 2018!

Sarah Moran, Editor-in-Chief



Andy Mangels

When it comes to 1970’s pop culture, this man knows his stuff. A talented writer of not only horror/sci-fi comic books and Star Trek novels, the man is also a major authority on the history of both Wonder Woman and The Bionic Woman. It was only natural that he step up to the plate to give us a clever and fun page turner with the book teaming these two heroines.

Roy Buckingham, Film Critic


Tom Taylor

More than any other writer this year that I can think of, Tom Taylor has perfected the intricate balance of comedy and drama that a good comic book requires. That alone would be reason enough for me to read Injustice 2. The fact that Taylor has a clear love and knowledge of the personalities of the characters he writes and is one of the few people who can write a funny Batman (to say nothing of a pitch-perfect Oliver Queen, Dinah Lance or Harley Quinn!) just seals the deal.

Matt Morrison, Contributing Editor



wonder woman bilquis evely

Bilquis Evely

Greg Rucka’s run on Wonder Woman during the early days of Rebirth was amazing. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t go down as one the of the best Wonder Woman comics of all time. The artists working alongside him were equally excellent, with Liam Sharpe and Nicola Scott creating some truly iconic panels. However, no one’s work caught my eye like that of the incredible Bilquis Evely. I honestly don’t believe Diana has ever looked more beautiful or fierce than she has under Evely’s hand. Statuesque in her build but with a kind and loving face, Evely’s artwork captures the very essence of Diana.

Sarah Moran, Editor-in-Chief


aquaman 28 pull list header

Stjepan Sejic

I don’t know if it was Stjepan Sejic’s taking over Aquaman that led to the series switching from being published bi-monthly to monthly. I can see Sejic’s painted artwork requiring more time to get perfect than such a schedule might allow. Regardless, Sejic’s work on Aquaman was well worth waiting for. More, it gave the book a unique visual aesthetic that was sorely needed as the story shifted tone from a political thriller with superpowers to a fantasy epic of rebellion against an unjust king.

Matt Morrison, Contributing Editor


Judit Tondora

A freelance comic-artist, Tondora provided the artwork for Wonder Woman ’77 Meets The Bionic Woman. With every panel, she captured the essence of both Lynda Carter’s and Lindsey Wagner’s characters, delivering both the action and the fun of the original TV shows. She even manage to make Lyle Waggoner look good!

Roy Buckingham, Film Critic



Green Arrow 32 Variant

Green Arrow #32 by Mike Grell

It’s no secret that I love Mike Grell’s work, both as a writer and an artist. His variant covers on the current Green Arrow book are some of his best work ever, but I have to single out his contribution to the Dark Nights: Metal tie-in issue as his best. It’s a striking portrait of a savage Green Arrow, marred only in that we never get to see Oliver Queen in this outfit anywhere in the story line. It’s a shame, because if there was ever an artist who needed to draw a story inspired by Frank Frazetta and progressive metal, it is Mike Grell.  Oh well. Maybe DC Editorial will wise up and let Grell take Green Arrow and Black Canary to Skartaris someday soon.

Matt Morrison, Contributing Editor


Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina #7 by Robert Hack

I love this series’ covers. Most of them are modeled to look like creepy horror novels from the 1960s, but this one in particular looked like a moldering painting. With the cliché mansion in the background and Sabrina as the gown-clad heroine wandering the foggy night for no readily apparent reason, this one nailed the gothic look to which the comic aspires.

Roy Buckingham, Film Critic


Wonder Woman 23 Variant By Jenny Frison

Wonder Woman #23 by Jenny Frison

I go out of my way to obtain Jenny Frison’s covers. I love her ghostly style and her run as the variant cover artist on Wonder Woman has created some visually captivating images. My favorite, so far, has been this elegant image of Wonder Woman illuminated by the gold luminescence of her lasso.

Marcus Hammond, Staff Writer

These are our picks for our favorite comic books, writers, artists and variant covers of 2017! What are your favorites from the past year? Let us hear from you in the comments!

And from all of us here at Kabooooom – Happy New Year!

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