INJUSTICE 2 #50 [Review]

Injustice 2 50 Cover
INJUSTICE 2 #50/ Story by TOM TAYLOR/ Pencils by DANIEL SAMPERE/ Inks by JUAN ALBARRAN/ Colors by REX LOKUS/ Letters by WES ABBOTT/ Published by DC COMICS

One almost goes into Injustice 2 #50 expecting this to be the final issue. There is something of an aura of finality about the proceedings, with the big bad monster of the story so far – a brand new Amazo robot capable of replicating the abilities of any superhero on Earth – defeated and Ra’s Al Ghul’s plans, if not in shambles, then definitely dealt a critical blow.  Many of Ra’s willing allies have abandoned him and the issue opens with Ra’s having to have stand by as his own grandchildren are sentenced to death by the laws of Gorilla City.

The only factor working in Ra’s favor is that the heroes of Earth are as divided as ever and their uniting to fight Amazo has done nothing to ease the bad blood between what remains of Superman’s Regime and the new Justice League Task Force. Only the needs of the people hurt by Amazo prevent Batman and Wonder Woman from starting the battle anew when they confront each other on the field of battle.

Even those heroes who are still allies in name have seen their relations strained by recent events. Batman is still treating The Justice League as if he were in charge of them, despite being cast out of the group several months earlier. And Blue Beetle – cast out of the Justice League by Batman for his failures – is now the only one of the non-Regime forces who knows the truth of how Amazo was defeated…

Injustice 2 #50 Page Two

This issue is not the end of the series but it might be the end of the beginning of the tale of Injustice 2. I’m not certain how long it is scheduled to run but I can stay this much. Tom Taylor’s scripts continue to surprise me. Danielle Sampere’s pencils are perfectly completed by Juan Albarran’s inks, Rex Lokus’ colors and Wes Abbott’s letters. This remains one of my favorite comics and is far more than a simple video-game tie-in book.

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