DallasForth Worth Comic Creators “Plot” to Take Over Fan Expo Dallas [Pre-Show Report]

In a playful display of highlighting and promoting local talent from across the Metroplex, ten guests of Fan Expo Dallas are working together to stage a “Takeover” – a cross promotion consisting of fun activities like a scavenger hunt, exclusive sketch covers, and plenty of other crazy antics planned to happen during the three days of Fan Expo Dallas (April 6-8).

The Participating Guests are –

Ben DunnNinja High School

Shonuff Studios (Terry Parr/ Halo Toons) – Aerobicide: The Extreme Ninja Workout

David Degrand – Artist and Writer of such comics as Spongebob Comics, The Simpsons, and Uncle Grandpa

Matthew Warlick – local artist and designer

David DoubThe Trials and Tribulations of Miss Tilney, Dusk, and many more!

James VenhausNightOwl Society, Playwright

Andy HirschScience Comics, The Royal Historian of Oz, and many more!

Hector Gonzalez Rodriguez IIIEl Peso Hero

Bryce EdenFrostbite Cosplay, Heroic Inner Kids


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