NORTH TEXAS COMIC BOOK SHOW February 2019 [Gallery]


Unlike some other shows and conventions with “comic” in their name, the North Texas Comic Book Show is honestly and exclusively devoted to comic books. The primary focus of the convention is on professional comic creator guests and local artists over big-name celebrities and autograph hunters.

The show has also gained some fame for its unique cosplay contest, which emphasize the ability to act out the character as much of the craft and construction of the costumes itself.

This year’s winter show boasted an all-star list of creators, with a reunion of the creators of Spider-Man: Kraven’s Last Hunt – J.M. DeMatteis, Bob McLeod and Mike Zeck. Other guests included Black Lighting co-creator Tony Isabella,  writer Amy Chu and artist Neal Adams.

Our own Matt Morrison was there taking pictures of the convention and the cosplayers.

[huge_it_gallery id=”91″]

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