Lucy Chaplin Aerobicide Team Up Header


Regular readers of Kabooooom know that we’re big fans of Aerobicide and Halloween Man, which is why we’re happy to spread the word about an upcoming team-up between the leading ladies of both series. Yes, Aerobics Instructor/Ninja Master Sheri Ken and Science Starlet Lucy Chaplin will soon be joining forces to fight the hordes of the punk rock undead.

Lucy Chaplin Aerobicide Covers

This new book, Aerobicide Lucy Chaplin Science Starlet Crossover, is currently being funded through IndieGoGo, but creators Drew Edwards and Terry Parr are offering up far more than an amazing 80’s action comic. They are also offering up a considerable amount of swag in exchange for your donation, including e-comics, floppy comics, trade paperbacks, prints, t-shirts, on-line meet-ups with the creators themselves, you being drawn into an upcoming Halloween Man comic and comic writing classes from Drew Edwards himself!

Best of all, in addition to the warm feeling you get from supporting independent comics, you’ll get the warm feeling of knowing that all the proceeds of this drive are going to pay for Terry Parr’s medical bills following his recent battle with COVID-19. That would make this a worthwhile project even if Parr and Edwards weren’t such fantastic creators whose working together marks this book as something special.

Please support Aerobicide Lucy Chaplin Science Starlet Crossover and expect a review as soon as we can get our hot little hands on it.


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