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It’s A Great Time To Read HALLOWEEN MAN! [The Editor’s Notes]

Regular readers of Kabooooom are likely already aware of Drew Edwards’ Halloween Man. I make it a point to cover every new issue as it comes out. For those who are new, however, an introduction may be in order.

Halloween Man #22 Page 3
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Solomon Hitch was a mere aspiring author until the night a vampire decided to have him for dinner. Drained and half-desiccated, the near-dead Solomon was discovered by a well-meaning (but very drunk) warlock. Inspired by a Halloween night horror-movie marathon, the warlock resurrected Solomon with the power of the sequel, transforming him into a new kind of monster with a hero’s heart. One who could stand against the eldritch forces that respectable superheroes didn’t dirty their hands with and keep coming back to fight again and again. Thus did Solomon Hitch become… HALLOWEEN MAN!

Halloween Man Retrospective 1
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Assisted by a horde of great artists, Edwards has been spinning tales of Solomon Hitch’s adventures for over two decades now and won a number of accolades in the process. He’s created a mythology as rich as anything you’ll find Marvel or DC putting out today. He’s even published a few spin-off books centered around Solomon’s partner in crime-fighting, Lucy Chaplin – Science Starlet. I’d have to double check the dates, but I believe Edwards did this long before the demand for more STEM-based materials aimed at women.

Lucy Chaplin Special Page 2

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That’s the amazing thing about Edwards’ work and Halloween Man as a series. It is simultaneously revolutionary and retro. Much like the Solar City setting, it has a cutting-edge aesthetic with a Silver Age heart. If you like stories about ever-lovin’, working-class monsters trying to take care of business and save a world that hates and fears them, this will be a cup full of your beverage of choice.

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If you haven’t encountered Halloween Man before, this is the perfect time to start reading. Beyond it being the perfect time of year for spooky, kooky and all-together ooky things, the series was recently relaunched on the Global Comics platform. It’s the perfect place to go catch up on the series before Solomon Hitch’s next adventure – a crossover team-up with The Latex Avenger.

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