Dallas Fan Expo 2021 Teaser

DALLAS FAN EXPO 2021 [Gallery]

Dallas Fan Expo was forced to cancel their 2020 event, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But you can’t keep a good show down and the annual fandom festival returned as strong as ever on September 17 and ran through September 19, brining celebrities like Mythbusters‘ Adam Savage, Arrow star Stephen Amell, Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston and living legend William Shatner to meet their fans in a masks-required safe-space. There were also hundreds of cosplayers, whose photos can be seen below.

Attendees are welcome to save our photos and tag themselves in our Facebook gallery.

Kabooooom would like to extend a special thanks to Michael E. Ryan, who generously allowed us to share his photos of the event in our gallery.

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