THIS DAMNED BAND #1 [Advanced Review]

This Damned Band 1 cvr

Japan. July 1974. The rock-band Motherfather (dubbed “the least depressing feature of the modern ruins” by Creem magazine) have just hit the 28th stop on their latest world tour. Some of the boys are barely holding it together despite a loyal harem of wives and groupies seeing to their needs and their scary evil manager Mr. Browley, who is more than happy to handle all the money and details on behalf of his clients.

Some of the band only care about having a drink or a screw. Some of them still give a damn about the music. But all of them are committed to maintaining the act – the illusion that despite being the richest and most famous musicians in the world, they are still, at heart, a wandering troupe of Satan-worshiping gypsies.

There’s just one problem. All their talk of giving power to The Devil isn’t just a gimmick…

There have been tales of musicians selling their souls to dark powers long before Rock and Roll was a force to be reckoned with. But between the obvious influence sex and drugs had on the long-term careers of bands like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones – and later acts like Black SabbathAlice Cooper and KISS whom built their reputations on dark, Satanic imagerythe classic rock genre is probably responsible for the most infamous examples of decadent behavior among famous performers.

It is from that era and attitude that Paul Cornell and Tony Parker have crafted This Damned Band. The series was described in early press releases as “Spinal Tap meets Ghostbusters” but there’s little to suggest a connection to the later movie thus far.  The This Is Spinal Tap comparison proves apt, however, as this first issue takes the form of a documentary – following the band through their off-stage antics.

Fans of the twisted humor Cornell displayed in his previous writings will not be disappointed with this outing. Parker’s artwork is equally inventive, with one particularly vivid sequence depicting the band mates’ differing reactions to the world around them after taking mushrooms. If future issues can maintain this level of quality, This Damned Band promises to be an amazing spectacle.

Rating 5This Damned Band #1 will be available for purchase on August 5, 2015 from your local comic book store (Don’t know where that is? Here you go.), for order through Things From Another Universe, or digitally via

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